My name is Mitja Kotnik and I focus on web development. I’m mostly backend oriented, but I’m also efficient in frontend development.

For building web applications I follow the latest design patterns and architecture guidelines. My main language for building backend applications is Java, where I use different frameworks like Spring or Jakarta EE and Microprofile. For application servers I mostly use Wildfly, but I’m also effective with Tom EE or Glassfish.

For the client-oriented part which is frontend, I develop with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, where I’m most at home with the Angular framework which uses TypeScript. For mobile development, I use native Android development in Java, but if the requirements are that the application has to run on both operating systems (iOS & Android) I’m capable of building the application with the help of React Native framework.

I’ve got a few years of experience with database development where I used PL/SQL for procedural development with Oracle databases. I’m also really enthusiastic about NoSQL DB where I’ve mostly used Document and Graph databases, for which I’ve used MongoDB and Neo4j.

When I’m not in the technology circles I enjoy a good long run and a nice trip to someplace quiet.