Resolutions for the upcoming year

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In the following year, I’ve got some big plans which I want to accomplish. They mostly revolve around my software engineering career and I’ll list them here so that at the end of 2019 I can evaluate.


One of my goals for 2019 is that I start to publish content to my blog regularly. I’ll be blogging about my experience in the software development world where I’ll try to publish tutorials and other news from the Java world mostly, but others connected to web application development as well. As I’m already writing my first post it seems I’m on a good trajectory.


I’m planing to learn even more about latest software engineering guidelines from architectural perspective to leading teams. I’ll plan on doing that with help of books which I’ll also publish short reviews about them. I’ll also try to deep dive into the MicroProfile and Jakarta EE community by creating examples and publishind my progress with it in form of tutorials.


A part of my learning goals for the following year is to pass at least two certifications. The ones on my list at the moment are OCP where I’m planning on the Java 8 certification, AWS in which I’m still deciding if I’d go first with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect or AWS Certified Developer, both of them for the Associate level first. If time and resources will let me I’m also thinking about the Spring Professional certification.


My greatest desire until this year was to start contributing to opensource projects on a regular basis, not only once in a while. So for this year I’ve already started with contributions to one project, which is Apache TomEE. I’m still looking for some to which I’d like to contribute and on that list are ones, such as Thorntail, SmallRye, OpenLiberty and maybe some part of a Spring Boot project. Still haven’t yet decided to which of them, but for now I’m working on TomEE, which I have to say has a great community!

Personal projects

I’m also starting to develop some personal projects which will help me getting hands on experience with the principels I’ll be learning on the way. So I’d like to develop 3-4 bigger projects but have not yet found the domain in which I’d like to develop the application. So stay tuned since I’ll then post the progress on my blog.


So I’ll make some bullet points of what I want to achieve through this year and at the end see what I’ve managed to accomplish.

  • blog posts (1-2 POSTS/week)
  • read books (15/year)
  • learn development patterns
  • certifications (2/year)
  • opensource (1-2 TASK/week)
  • personal projects (3-4/year)

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